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Gord, Keri & Murphy

Eva has made huge difference in our French Bulldog’s life. As a reactive dog it was difficult to take Murphy on walks or to dog parks. He constantly lunged and barked at other dogs, not to mention he was not a good leash walker either. This is likely because he was attacked by another dog when he was on his leash so he was always on guard. Eva’s expert training and advice along with tools that we can use to continue his training have completely turned Murphy around 180 degrees. In a very short period of time she was able to help him get over his fears and anxiety with other dogs. While he still has some work to do, the immediate change in him was amazing and has allowed my wife and I to calmly walk him with our other Frenchie. Which is much more relaxing. Thank you Eva – Gord and Keri

Lynda, Steve and Toro

We reached out to Eva and Mike knowing that we needed help getting our 6 month old Shepherd some proper obedience training and fast. They assessed our puppy Toro, figured out the best way to help us learn with him and fit (and encourage) our skill levels to the potential of our dog. It’s always a fun atmosphere complete with endless knowledge and helpful tips & tricks to help us succeed. After every session we leave feeling empowered to learn with Toro and help him be the best that he can be. So happy we’ve found The Focused K9.

Kathrine M.

Eva empowered me with the knowledge and skills to build Jack’s confidence to be a neutral, non-reactive and loyal companion. Her keen observation of Jack’s “behavior problems” quickly identified where I needed to work and she gave me the support and tools I needed to shape and develop my relationship with my dog. When we started I had no control over Jack, and he had no “respect” for me; I didn’t know why or how to change it. A dog with bad manners is so much work! Now Jack is loyal, obedient, balanced and so much more fun to be with! I now have achievable goals for Jack, that I never dreamed possible, and I know we will achieve them together! We worked hard; the rewards have made it so worthwhile. I highly recommend you work with Eva, whether you are just getting to know your puppy or you need help improving your relationship and confidence with your dog. The experience for Jack and I has been transforming, and probably saved his life.

Shannon & Holly

My dog Holly and I first started working with Eva to help address and solidify some foundational training and we are now advancing with obedience sports. I cannot believe how far Holly has advanced since we started training with Eva. With Eva's guidance and instruction Holly has transformed into a confident, well-behaved dog. Holly is now eager to work/train, and her engagement and relationship with me has flourished. Eva is a qualified and experienced dog trainer who has helped facilitate our learning with clear instructions and helpful tips. She is also quick to answer my questions or concerns that I have. Eva is a great trainer who knows how and when to implement specific training tools, as well as making sure both dog and owner are comfortable with using these tools. I highly recommend Eva for dog training and can't thank her enough!

Jocelyn & Jack

Jack (our GSD), my mom and I started working with Eva due to Jack’s anxiety and reactivity toward other dogs and animals. In only six months there has been a massive change in his behavior towards other dogs and in his relationship with us. Eva has really helped everyone become more confident managing him. Thanks to Eva’s help we have established a strong base of obedience with Jack and can handle him before he becomes reactive. Eva has been very kind and helpful through this whole experience and I can’t recommend her enough! She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She always has resources to support us and answer our questions. Eva implements new tools and strategies in an easy to understand way and makes sure we don’t get too overwhelmed with new content. Eva is more than qualified for her job and is a great dog trainer.

Ang & Jughead

At 7 months old, my chocolate lab started acting like a “teenager”. We had already completed group puppy & basic obedience training (which he thrived in) with a wonderful trainer, but he he was wild on a leash, jumping on people and his recall had gone out the window. He would pee all over the house because he was overly excited & was playing too rough with other dogs. As a first time puppy mom, all this was stressful & devastating. Jughead and I have been working with Eva for a couple months now and he has become a completely different dog.He is happier, calmer, walks are enjoyable, he greets people politely and his recall is great.He no longer pees in the house and is polite with other dogs. As a result, our relationship is deepening and I message Eva regularly to tell her how amazing he is. Everyone comments how well behaved he is for 9 months old. I credit all this to Eva! She absolutely wants the best for jughead & I and it really shows. She has taken him from “the most stubborn, willful puppy I have ever seen” to happy, engaged and obedient and a Joy to be with.

Jughead loves to train with Eva and so do I.

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