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At The Focused K9 we want to help our clients have the best and most balanced relationship with their dogs. We're here to teach you how to communicate with your dog and see results through a balanced training approach.  

​Dogs thrive with proper communication and structure.

We're here to help you with that!

We are a fully insured and bonded company

We offer private training, day train programs, board and train programs and group classes. Visit our services and classes page for more info


Facility Address: Unit 601-5301 Chaster Road, Duncan, BC

Eva Cherneff, Owner & Trainer

Dogs have been a part of Eva's life since a young age and something she is truly passionate about. Eva specializes in creating a balanced relationship with your dog and teaches you how to communicate in a clear manner to achieve your goals. 

 When not helping pet owners with their dogs, Eva will be found training and competing her own personal dogs in IGP (Schutzhund).  


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Areas of Training Available with Eva

Behaviour Modification & Reactivity 


Puppy Training 

E-Collar Training

Board and Train Programs

Experience + Training

Apprenticeship w/ Mike Chicorelli 

Sport Dog Workshop w/ The Empowered Canine in Calgary, AB April 2023 

Sport Dog Protection Workshop w/ Michael Sweeney May 2022

Sport Dog Protection Workshop w/ Dominic Scarberry Oct 2022

Tracking workshop w/ Dominic Scarberry Oct 2022

Schutzhund Protection (sport dog) Workshop w/ Dominic Scarberry Nov 2022

Competition Obedience Seminar (working spot) w/ Christine Kisser Dec 2022

NePoPo w/ Pat Stuart of Operant Canine (online) 2021

Push and Pull of Motivation w/ Pat Stuart of Operant Canine (online) 2o21

Precision Heeling Techniques w/ Forrest Micke (online) 2021



Sage Prine, Trainer & Owner

Working with canines has been a driving passion throughout my life. Growing up in a small coastal community in British Columbia I spent many years with dogs as my main source of companionship, which has helped me gain a deep understanding of the bond that is possible to achieve with our pets. Since moving to Vancouver Island 13 years ago I have made my way through many different animal-related avenues, although nothing sparked my interest as much as training and structurally exercising canines. Having up-to-date certifications in Trick training, Canine First Aid, and actively competing with my own dogs in Agility and Dock Diving, while filling in spare time with weekly obedience training and much more. I genuinely believe you can never stop learning, which is why I also attend training workshops and online classes as much as possible so I can always offer the best possible training methods and conditioning advice. Sage is a certified trick dog instructor (CTDI) and Certified Canine Fitness Coach (CCFC).

Training Available With Sage:

Trick Training 

Basic Pet Obedience 


Structured Training Walks

Day Training

Experience / Training 

Certified Canine Fitness Coach 

Certified Trick Dog Instructor 

ShapeUp Camp Aug 2020

Karen Child's Agility Unleashed Aug 2020

Jessica Patterson Agility Seminar Aug 2020

Jessica Patterson Agility Seminar Feb 2021

Jessica Patterson Seminar March 2022

Workshop w/ Shauna Oliver at Agility Unleashed  June 2022

Workshop w/Karen Child at Agility Unleashed June 2022

Workshop w/ Jessica Patterson Agility Unleashed Sept 2022

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Savannah Bloomfield, Asst Manager & Trainer

Savannah grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, and has always been involved in dogs. Her love of dogs started with learning agility with her golden retriever, Bella, and her passion for working with dogs and competing in dog sports grew with her current German Shorthaired Pointer, Piper, who is active in many dog sports and is working toward becoming a active cadaver dog. As a K9 and handler team for search and rescue they love to dedicate their time to helping others and growing as a team. Savannah’s prior experience with dogs includes caregiver at a doggy daycare, training class assistant, volunteering at dog events, dog sitting, structured dog walking and attending many training classes. Savannah continues to grow her knowledge by attending seminars and taking courses regularly. 

Experience / Training:

Apprenticeship w/ The Focused K9 (2000+ Hours)

Dr. Nathan Hall Canine Learning Concepts Lecture (online)

Dr. Nathan Hall Operant and Olfaction Lecture (online)

Simon Prins - Detection Fundamentals 

Simon Prins - Detection Foundation and Problem Solving

Sport Detection School Level 1 (Ford K9)

Sport Detection School Level 2 (Ford K9)

Search strategies and learning the elements online course (Ford K9)

How To Intro Odour / Odour Pays 2 Hour Webinar w/ Ford K9

Mike Chicorelli

Mike has decades of experience in working dog training and pet dog training. He was the master K9 trainer for a large police department until he retired, as well as a police dog handler of three working dogs over his career: a patrol German Shepherd named Bo, an explosives detection labrador named Max (Gold Medal x 3 at the World Police and Fire Games), and a narcotics detection labrador named Cruize. 

Training Available With Mike:

Pet & Sport Obedience


Scent Detection 

E-Collar Training 

Behaviour Modification 

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If you have any questions or if you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact form or text us directly at the number below.
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